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After many years of firsthand experience with the finest Forex, CFD and Crypto brokers on the planet, HND Ventures – an industry leader, is giving you an opportunity to build the ultimate brokerage.

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Instant Brokerage Regulation

Bank & PSP Setup

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A Fully Branded Website

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While some people might think you make a quick buck as a broker, professionals like you know already that this business can be rough and tricky.

Every day, you’re dealing with an enormous amount of pressure and uncertainty that would make most people crumble.

But if you’ve made it all the way here, then you’re

in it for the long run!

in it for the long run!

You are already familiar with the business – you can run a company, manage risks and bring traders.
You already make things happen!

But you want more than that – you want to bring your business to a higher level.

So stop doing damage control on a daily basis and come to a point where you grow your business consistently, and with greater success.

If it sounds like we’re talking about you, then here at HND Ventures we have created a solution
that fits you perfectly!

Meet HND Ventures:

The Right Way to Run Your Brokerage!

In the past decade we have become the number one place where Forex, CFD and Crypto brokers go to get high-end technology and solutions. HND Ventures was founded by industry veterans with broad market understanding, and hands-on experience with the same challenges you’re facing daily. This is what makes HND Ventures, our regulated brokerage package, the preferred choice of the leading brokers in the industry.

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Instant SVG Regulation


Get your own SVG-licensed brokerage, and let our team take care of reporting and compliance. Remove the red tape from your desk, and clear yourself more time to deal with your traders. With HND Ventures, your brokerage setup becomes painless, and you can focus on the best part of your business – converting and retaining your clients.

Dependable Payment Solutions


The last thing you need as a broker is to see your payment system crash during a business day. With HND Ventures you can finally put this fear to rest. With our stable payment solutions, your traders’ deposits transfer immediately with no worries or delays.

Connections to 3rd Party Traffic Suppliers*

Lead Generators

Consistent lead generation is a major challenge for most brokers. But if you don’t have leads, you don’t have sales and you don’t have business. This is why we developed close connections with lead generators who can provide you leads on a daily basis.

Your Own Branded Website


HND Ventures gives you a fully branded website as part of the package. Our web developers fine-tune each website to our customers’ needs, so you just need to enter your company’s name and in no more than 24 hours you’ll have your own website up and running.

Invincible Security System


It’s one of the most sensitive issues in the business – info leaks, break-ins and hacks can end a company in this industry. Many brokers choose HND Ventures exactly for this reason. In over 10 years of operation, our systems have stood numerous hacking attempts unharmed.

Your Personal Account Manager

24 Hour

For every request you might have, no matter how difficult, your dedicated HND Ventures account manager is ready 24 hours a day. Whether it’s technical assistance, software tutorials, staff training or marketing advice, our team is there for you with the same business goal at heart – your success.


How much do I need to spend?

How much

In short: it depends. You can safely assume that this cutting edge technology & services solution will be an investment. But it’s important to know that the price you will pay is entirely shaped around your needs and the scale and character of your brokerage.

We offer flexible pricing models that reflect our key values of joint commitment and mutual benefit. Our number one interest is to see your business grow and your goals accomplished. Our partnership options also include generous commissions for referral partners.

About HND Ventures

HND Ventures is a dominant force in the brokerage industry, with enormous experience in the entire spectrum of brokerage technology and services. For over a decade, we have kept our place at the front line of the Fintech world, with personal account managers and client support ready 24 hours a day.

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