HND Ventures is a leading Venture Capital firm that invested for Asia and Middle East economic growth in Startups and technology enables companies. We’re devoted to supporting creators and their visions through the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journeys, and we throw our support behind them at their most crucial moments.

From the past 19 years, HND Ventures has covered more than 20 industries and over 1000 successful projects with our 200 team members.

Since HND Ventures’ inception, the firm has invested in several businesses that have since grown into stand-alone businesses.

We collaborate closely and provide recommendations to corporations on how to effectively promote entrepreneurial ecosystems so that startups can thrive.

HND Ventures’ current areas of focus include Emerging technologies, Energy-tech, Enterprise/saas, Fin-tech, Med-tech, Supply chain management technologies, ED-Tech, Food tech/ AG-Tech.

Automotive, retail, hotel, real estate, contracting and fitting, travel, engineering, and medical facilities are just a few of the interests and industries represented in our portfolio. We have developed to become one of the most respected, successful, and dynamic organizations in the Middle East, ever-expanding and diversifying.

We invest in our clients at HND Ventures. Our clients are given the tools they need to succeed. HND Ventures are one of the world’s largest venture capital firms started by successful entrepreneurs for beginner entrepreneurs. We stick by entrepreneurs through thick and thin, and we continue to support them on their path to success. We have invested in and helped build numbers of startups, across geographies and verticals.

There is no shortcut to success when it comes to companies. A startup’s goal must be realized via a combination of variables. HND Ventures considers it a privilege to invest in tomorrow’s Imagineers, who will revolutionize and have a large-scale influence.

We’re driven by a desire to be the best. We define best practices and set the standard for others to follow through each of our businesses. We value long-term business partnerships built on mutual trust, ethical business practices, and a single-minded commitment to providing the extraordinary.

We’ve always thought that entrepreneurship and creativity are not limited to a particular city or country. As a result, our global network of partners and portfolio firms allows us to support a broad and dynamic set of founders and CEOs.

HND Ventures has had the privilege to partner with over 1000+ companies in GLOBE since its inception, spanning a wide spectrum of company stages and sectors.

Our basic beliefs drive our collaboration we want to collaborate with entrepreneurs to build strong foundations from concept to expansion.

Curiosity motivates us to ask questions and investigate new ideas, allowing us to inspire others and overcome our skepticism. We can only recognize the best prospects and experience the delight of discovery if we have an enthusiastic and open mind. The most significant contacts are based on a shared sense of trust that develops over time as a result of intellectual credibility.

HND Ventures understands that a good long-term institution should consistently invest in and treat its people well, while also maintaining a fair and inclusive environment for personal growth.

We perceive that founders are looking for more than just revenue. We assist entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, bringing tremendous expertise and a global network to the table. Our flexible investment strategy always prioritizes companies.We seek opportunities to invest in companies and teams at crucial times. And we’re committed to the long haul, frequently increasing our share while other investors go out. HND Ventures’ mission is to help businesses become industry leaders who will change the future.