HND Venture is one of the leading venture capital firms that back visionary entrepreneurs building the future through technology. The focused area on investing in start-ups and technology that is powering the transformation of the supply chain. With headquarter in Dubai. Since its founding, the firm has invested in several companies that evolved into independent entities.

HND Venture Has covered over 20 industries with over 1000 successful projects in just 19 years. Our one-of-a-kind platform enables entrepreneurs to scale their businesses at any level. This begins with a collaboration with considerable topic expertise and operational experience. Furthermore, we use HND Ventures’ worldwide platform to assist founders in gaining access to networks, partners, and customers that are critical on the route to scale.

Since our founding, we have grown to become one of the world’s largest private, multi-asset investing firms. Today, the HND Ventures team strives to create value through FMCG, Fintech, venture capital, and real estate investments across multiple sectors, industries, and geographies.

Our people, as well as the shared ideals we’ve promoted since our inception, we feel, remain our competitive advantage. This has enabled us to make a long-term impact on a wide range of investors, including endowments, foundations, and individuals.

We invest and engage in business to drive a positive and lasting impact for companies, employees, communities, and the environment. We can assist you with scaling and developing highly efficient commercialization engines that will allow your company to grow quickly while reducing dilution.

We think that by providing a fertile environment for a diverse set of startups, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, academics, and visionaries to converge, we can address the financial system’s most pressing difficulties faster, better, and for the greater good.
The strongest indicator of HND Ventures’ success is how many entrepreneurs and founders return to work with us again and again. In our first interactions, We form a bond of trust and friendship.

For more than 19 years HND Ventures has helped build industry-leading companies by creating long-term relationships with CEOs and founders of businesses.

We take a long-term approach, investing a significant amount of money, time, and internal resources to help and partner with our clients on their paths.

We identify and give growth capital, industry experience, and assistance to great leaders of private and public technology companies as they scale their businesses and realize their goals. We are seasoned investors and board members who have assisted hundreds of startups in developing their go-to-market strategies and assembling their teams.