HND ventures invests in firms in various stages of development, with a focus on consumers, and enterprises. To assist CEOs and founders on their path, we offer a deep network of connections, operating experience, and a wide range of meaningful services. We invest in venture capital all over the world.

We back early-stage ventures with world-class technology and entrepreneurs, as well as later-stage businesses with established clients, robust sales, and top-tier management and co-investors.

HND ventures as a global capital venture provide a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs create their firms at any level of development. When it comes to today’s operational difficulties, we understand that one size does not fit all. We strive to add value where it is most needed. Our experienced staff can provide you with as-needed, tailored services to help you face the challenges ahead. Consider us a service menu with a variety of options. You’ll have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

You’ll have different needs at different periods as your company expands. You’ll always have our support when you work with HND ventures. At every point of your journey, our real-world knowledge, large network, and special benefits provide the assistance, resources, and meaningful connections you require.

Our group consists of more than just a group of experts. We’re always here for you–as a constant source of support, a sounding board, and a brainstorming partner. We provide access to strategies, best practices, benchmarks, and assistance across the business areas that matter the most, thanks to our extensive real-world operational expertise.

HND ventures is more than just an investment partner; we’re dedicated to your professional and personal development. We know that creating exceptional companies takes more than money, having invested in innovative founders for over six decades. It involves a long-term commitment to your achievement, as well as an investment in community and relationships.

HND ventures is committed to having a long-term positive influence on our founders, their businesses, our communities, and the world. We’ve always been values-driven, and we’re proud of the fact that many of our investments have the potential to be changemakers. We invest with a returns-first attitude, realizing that societal and environmental commitments can lead to significant development and financial success.

We are dedicated to working with values-aligned founders and entrepreneurs because we believe that investing in great leaders is the best way to build great companies. Every day, we work hard to ensure that our portfolio reflects the integrity of our worldview.

The finest ideas always triumph at HND ventures, no matter who or where they come from. We promote initiative and inclusion rather than coercion or intimidation. We place a high value on diversity and inclusion. Here, self-starters thrive, the team comes first, and results are king.

Act in a trustworthy manner. We believe that asking for help is a show of strength and that getting to the truth requires a lot of hard work, constant inquiry, and constructive disagreements. HND ventures prefer long-term benefits to short-term gains because, in the end, this is what produces the best outcomes for everyone. Patience, bravery, and conviction are all necessary.
HND ventures’ team invests in profitable, market-leading businesses with strong growth prospects. In both minority and control investments, we take a long-term and flexible approach to working with founders and executives. Our proven and repeatable research process for locating and analyzing assets enables us to identify value-creation possibilities that others may miss. We then engage with management teams to help businesses reach their full potential. HND ventures’ contains exclusive strategic resources that give our portfolio firms a competitive advantage. Growth and structural improvements in a company’s strategic position generate our results.