Hnd Ventures is a worldwide venture capital firm to improve the world by assisting entrepreneurs in creating amazing companies that improve the way we live, work, and play.

Visionary entrepreneurs run present and future industry-leading companies in our portfolio, supporting the creation of technologies that will drive global innovation. As Venture Partners, some of the most successful company leaders in each of these industries have joined Hnd ventures bringing enormous industry understanding and deep networks.

Hnd Ventures has established a world-class technology practice by accelerating the growth of revolutionary corporate and consumer technology companies, assisting in the creation of industry leaders in a variety of industries, including software, security, fintech, eCommerce, media, and more.

From seeding ideas in emerging markets to investing in early-stage startups in high-growth sectors to driving the expansion of market leaders, Hnd Venture’s proven investment strategy encompasses all stages of a company’s existence. Any stage of development is a good time to work with Hnd ventures. Whether your great idea is just getting started or has already evolved into a feasible reality, we can provide value and provide experienced help throughout your company’s lifecycle.

Hnd Ventures is a global investor focused on fast-growing and emerging markets. We are constantly growing our global network to assist our portfolio firms, many of whom have been operating abroad since their inception. We believe the world is becoming a little flatter every day.

Partnership with Hnd Ventures means joining a robust network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and potential partners and customers with deep roots and strong links. Entrepreneurs frequently remind us that our network is worth more than the money we invest. We’re working hard to ensure that this is the case.

We utilize ours to build a global platform that provides us the knowledge, flexibility, and efficiency to invest in big ideas, no matter where they are or how far along they are in development. Our size allows us to nurture ideas in emerging markets, fund early-stage startups in high-growth industries, and accelerate the expansion of industry leaders.

Nobody ever said finding innovation, spotting significant market possibilities, and establishing great businesses was simple. We show up early, delve deep, and make things happen by combining strong industry knowledge, a collaborative team structure, and the broad viewpoint scale provides.

Hnd Ventures believes in the value of collaboration and learning from others. We enjoy exchanging informed opinions and participating in the countless conversations that are currently taking place, as well as making educated predictions about what will happen tomorrow. We’d also like to learn about the thoughts and ideas of other thinking leaders. The pleasure of sharing thoughts and opinions is akin to the pleasure of giving, and the pleasure of learning from others is similar to the pleasure of progressing.