Hnd ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in ambitious entrepreneurs who are using technology to shape the future. We don’t care about the stage: We invest in the bright future of startups at all stages, from seed to venture to late-stage.

We know what it’s like to be in the shoes of a pioneer, so we appreciate the entrepreneur and the company-building process. Our staff is at the cutting edge of new technology, assisting founders and their businesses in making an impact and changing the world. 

There are a few firms in each era that are executing on exceptionally broad ambitions for developing categories, and we want to help these companies with a venture mindset that encourages long-term thinking and greater innovation risks. Hnd Ventures growth fund supports excellent emerging firms that are at a critical juncture in their development and may require further company-building and scaling.

Early-stage financing necessitates significant vertical understanding, while later-stage ventures necessitate deep skill in corporate financial evaluation Hnd ventures are here for them. Regardless of stage, all of our portfolio firms can benefit from our network of specialists and expertise in executive and technical skills, go-to-market, corporate development, and brand/marketing to help them achieve their objectives. 

Hnd ventures have continually pursued long-term value investment and tight connections with local entrepreneurs for many years. Our support is open to every business at all stages of development whether it’s a startup, growing company, or an expanding business we are here for everyone.

We use a variety of tools to assist our portfolio firms in achieving long-term success, including branding, marketing, channel development, human resources, finance, and management services. We provide seed, venture, and growth-stage finance based on our significant experience and knowledge of what entrepreneurial organizations require at each stage of development. Our experience has helped us weather multiple market downturns, including the global financial crisis, and we’ve been successful even during times of tremendous market volatility.

Technology, marketing, finance, legal, management consulting, and investment banking are just a few of our backgrounds. Our significant educational and professional background provides a wealth of important and relevant knowledge to our portfolio firms.

Our mission as a capital venture is to collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs and management teams to improve the world. We are continually on the lookout for new and exciting business possibilities that will add value to our investors and portfolio firms.

Hnd ventures invest in people rather than deals. A transaction is anything that happens. Ours is built on curiosity, thinking, and strong conviction. Other companies engage in transactions, but hnd ventures invest in people. Our way of work is built on a foundation of curiosity, deliberation, and strong conviction.