Hnd Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in individuals and their businesses at all stages of private company growth. Hnd Ventures has developed over the years to become the world’s premier destination for franchise and business possibilities.

The purpose of Hnd Ventures is to provide a trustworthy, authoritative platform for entrepreneurs. In support of this goal, our vision is to be the most comprehensive online resource for franchise possibilities and the go-to reference for anybody looking for information on the franchise sector.

We are committed to assisting creators and their dreams through the highs and lows of their business journeys, and we rally behind them at critical junctures. With our 200 team members, HND Ventures has covered more than 20 industries and completed over 1000 successful projects over the last several years.

HND Ventures has invested in several enterprises that have since grown into stand-alone entities. We work closely together and make advice to organizations on how to successfully encourage entrepreneurial ecosystems for startups to grow.

HND Ventures invests in founders that are passionate about tackling difficult challenges, typically ones that result in a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and have a significant impact on large markets.

We frequently work with these founders early on, aiding them in attaining product-market fit and scaling beyond the first point on the scale. We are almost always the first institutional investor in these ventures. We always invest for the long term, typically for eight to ten years, and as long as the founders are equally invested in the company’s goal.

HND Ventures conveys our genuine willingness and passion to aid our creators in succeeding by leveraging our many formal platforms and partnerships. Our founders will corroborate that if we deliver value in the form of board engagements, we provide multiples of that value through our platform partners, resources, and on-demand coaching and guidance. For the first few years of HND Ventures, we put equal effort into each of our businesses. Then, to meet the demands of our expanding businesses, we increase our delivery.

In the large and spectacular franchise arena, we position ourselves as a trailblazer for diverse firms seeking to expand, with franchisees as their powerful business partners. 

We provide many tools that serve as the means to deliver what you seek, which is growth. With the contribution of our knowledge, experiences, and services, our main goal is to work in the interests of brands and investors, making it easier for them to meet and sew business relationships for future growth.

Starting a franchise business with Hnd ventures gives you the independence of running a small business while significantly lowering your risks. It’s less risky than going it alone since you can harness an established brand’s following and apply its proven business plan. Equally significant, prior business expertise is not always required, the Hnd ventures will be able to guide you through the process of maximizing your franchise business and walking you through dealing with new business difficulties as they arise.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, the assistance and reputation of an experienced organization can be quite beneficial and you will learn how to be a business owner as well as the intricacies of running a firm daily.