Hnd ventures are one of the most successful venture firms in the world. Some of the world’s fastest-growing and most valuable companies are among its investments. Hnd Venture works with some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them create disruptive businesses.

Hnd venture separates out from other venture capital firms in many different ways. We the team’s combined experience and willingness to work. Far from other venture firms, which are made up of several independent donors, hnd venture operates as a single entity.  Hnd venture determination to tackle serious issues and work with businesses to achieve ambitious goals.

We’ve worked with bold founders for decades to create legendary firms that have changed history. Today, hnd venture builds on that history by investing in entrepreneurs with big ideas across industries and continents and partnering with them from the start to help them realize their full potential and contribute to the history.

Building a business is a protracted process that necessitates the guts to make difficult and often controversial decisions. Hnd venture been down this road before and know exactly what founders face.

Hnd venture never loses sight of the fact that we’re here to assist founders and their teams in overcoming the most difficult obstacles. We share our founders’ ambition and recognize that success needs passion, grit, and dynamic, orthogonal thinking based on a varied set of skills and experience.

To achieve our company objective of collaborating with organizations that make history, we operate in a culture of transparency, teamwork, and trust. We understand how important each function is to Hnd venture success, and we value everyone’s contribution.

Hnd venture takes responsibility for and pride in our work. We set a high standard for ourselves and sweat the minutiae, holding ourselves accountable to our stretch goals, and objectives, and continually pushing to improve.

We are a service organization that supports the businesses in which we invest, and we operate with the same urgency as our founders, with no compromise on quality. We presume that everyone at hnd venture is doing their best to live according to our business principles. We believe that everyone acts with integrity and respect and has good intentions.