HND Ventures enables established Introducing Brokers to open offices in their territory under the HND Ventures name, introduce their company as a part of HND Ventures, and obtain exclusive use of the HND Ventures brand name and products.

HND Ventures offers partners the ideal opportunity to grow their business by becoming a member of our Group rather than merely an Introducing Broker.

Moreover, Franchise Partners enjoy a variety of exclusive perks such as expenditure and income sharing, marketing assistance, and larger rebate schedules. HND Ventures has covered more than 20 industries and over 1000 successful projects with our 200 team members. And it mainly focused on the financial market. Hnd ventures have invested in companies that have now become individual brands. 

HND Ventures invest in founders who are fascinated with addressing difficult challenges, typically those that cause a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and have a substantial influence on huge markets.

We often work with these founders at an early stage, assisting them in achieving product-market fit and scaling beyond the first point of the scale. Almost always, we are the first institutional investor in these ventures. We always invest for the long term, keeping invested for eight to ten years, and as long as the founders are equally invested in the business’s objective.

By leveraging our different formal platforms and relationships, HND Ventures also convey our genuine desire and enthusiasm to assist our creators in succeeding. If we provide value in the form of board engagements, our founders will confirm that we provide multiples of that value through our platform partners, resources, and on-demand coaching and help.

For the first several years of HND Ventures, we worked equally hard with each of our enterprises. Then, to stay up with the needs of our growing companies, we raise our deliveries. However, we also persist with and assist our less successful ventures much beyond the usual venture rules mandated by power laws and portfolio concentration. We do this not because power laws do not apply to us, but because we are accustomed to supporting and staying by our founders. HND Ventures exists because of its founders and their insane goals, and we come to work every day delighted. 

HND Ventures encounter comparable issues with the startups we fund, whether it’s fundraising or competing with household names. This has instilled in us a strong sense of empathy and comprehension of the difficulties that the founder encounters. As a result, we are strongly committed to assisting them on their difficult, and long journeys.

When it comes to startups, there is no such thing as a fast pathway to success. A startup’s goal can only be realized if several variables come together. HND Venture considers it an honor to invest in Tomorrow’s Imagineers, who will revolutionize and have a huge impact on a large scale.

We support our portfolio firms on their journey. We offer substantial assistance to first-time founders and work with them to manage the inevitable hurdles of turning ideas into successful companies.