H&D Ventures brings significant and unique strategic value to our portfolio companies

H&D Ventures is an experienced strategic and financial investor, working across the globe to support the next generation of disruptive technologies and business models.

Disruptive companies create new risks or develop new ways to manage risk. We are uniquely positioned to help our portfolio companies navigate risk by providing capital, board guidance, industry and investor connections, operational guidance and support, and technical expertise.

Long-term Relationship

H&D Ventures is committed to our portfolio companies throughout their lifecycle, providing critical insights for future development and growth.

Financial Depth

We are backed by H&D, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies.

Deep Expertise

H&D Ventures has over 15 years of combined early-stage venture capital investing experience focused on our sectors.

Connection to H&D

We have strong executive-level connections to H&D, a strategic partner for emerging companies across industries, providing broad support with distribution, unique risk solutions, technical expertise, insurance capacity, project finance, and more.

Investor Network

H&D Ventures has an extensive investor network to help our portfolio companies secure future financing from quality institutional and corporate investors.

Industry Network

We have a unique industry network to help our portfolio companies establish valuable connections to strategic partners, potential customers, corporate buyers, and experienced operators.

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