Explore beneficial opportunities for your business with H&D Ventures (MENA & Asia)

H&D Ventures is designed to build bridges between innovative startups and our clients. With investments in 7+ startups and 10+ partners, we help young companies realize their full potential and our clients harness the leading innovation being created by startups globally.

We leverage our local expertise and industry know-how to collaborate with our partners. This enables us to extend our presence into additional sectors that complements the Group’s diversification strategy.

H&D Ventures launched Project Spotlight, providing unprecedented access to our technological and domain expertise across our client base. Project Spotlight offers startups the opportunity to work with talent, giving them access to the tools to help them tailor their solutions to the market, scale and innovate more rapidly.

Project Spotlight addresses the most challenging part of creating real market solutions—offering startups a nuanced understanding of real business problems and industry domains. Project Spotlight offers new companies exposure to the real-world challenges their solutions can address. These solutions can be tailored, refined and scaled for broader scope and maximum impact.



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